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Enerwatt offers a number of high-efficiency solar PV modules, with 36 cells, to directly charge batteries. These modules are ideal for boat, RV etc., when a small module is sufficient.

This is a 36-cell panel with around 18 Volt output, which is ideal with a PWM controller to reliably charge a 12 Volt battery in all temperatures. Panels may be mounted in portrait or landscape orientation. Compact and rugged, 35 mm thick anodized aluminum frame, with MC4 connectors terminating the power leads. This module is cETL listed for Canada and the USA.

These are very reliable PV modules: They have 5 year mechanical warranty and 30 year power output warranty.


  • Rated for 1000 Volt strings
  • 36 poly-crystalline cells, Vmp = 17.5 Volt, Imp = 5.7 Amp
  • 5 year full warranty, 30 years linear performance guarantee
  • UL and CSA listed for Canada & USA
  • Leads have MC4 connectors
  • 35 mm frame

AXIblack AC-250-260P/156-60S

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