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  • MONITOR YOUR SOLAR or GRID USAGE with the EYEFI-2. Check your solar usage to minimize electricity usage and maximize solar use. The EYEFI-4 4 200A Sensors support Solar / Net Metering. Shows power consumed vs. power generated. The EYEFI-2 includes a Module, 2 Sensors and a North American Power Adapter.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION - you will be monitoring your usage & cutting your utility bill in a few short minutes!
  • VIEW YOUR USAGE DATA IN WATTS, AMPS, VOLTS, PF, $. MyEyedro is powerful cloud based software that is included with your Eyedro hardware with no subscription fee.
  • FULL SUITE OF PLUGINS ARE INCLUDED - MyEyedro is Eyedro's cloud platform refined and updated over 10+ years!

EYEDRO Home Energy Monitor | Solar Energy & Net Metering | Save Money on Electri

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