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Ontario's Solar Power Landscape: An In-depth 2023 Guide

Ontario, a province known for its technological advancements, is making significant strides in the realm of solar energy. This comprehensive guide, updated as of September 9, 2023, offers a detailed look into the current state, potential, and future of solar energy in the province.


Ontario currently stands as the 10th province in Canada for solar power installations. However, it shines brightly when considering upfront system costs, financing options, and sunlight levels. This makes Ontario a prime candidate for those considering a shift to solar energy.

Key Sections:

Solar Basics in Ontario:

Ontario's Solar Ranking: Currently, Ontario ranks as the 10th province in Canada for solar installations. This is based on a comprehensive scoring system that considers various factors, from natural sunlight levels to financial incentives.

Solar Potential: Ontario boasts the fifth-highest potential for solar energy production in Canada, surpassing many other provinces in terms of solar irradiance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

System Sizing: To determine the size of the solar system you need, consider your annual energy usage. For instance, if your yearly consumption is 10,000kWh, you'd need an 8.58kW solar panel system.

Physical Sizing: The average solar panel occupies about 18sqft and produces around 350 watts of power. For an 8.58kW system, you'd require approximately 441sqft of space.

System Costs: The average installation cost in Ontario ranges from $2.42 to $3.05 per watt. For an 8.58kW system, the estimated cost would be around $23,767.

Financial Aspects:

Solar Incentives: Currently, Ontario doesn't offer specific solar incentive programs. However, there were programs like the GreenOn Solar Rebate Program, which was later cancelled.

PACE Programs: Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) is a financing option available in Toronto and Guelph. It allows homeowners to cover the entire upfront cost of the solar system through a unique loan system attached to the property.

Utility Policies:

Net Metering: Ontario's Net Metering program lets you earn credits for excess energy produced, which can be used later. However, these credits expire yearly.

Electricity Prices: Ontario has some of the lowest electricity prices in Canada. The average cost, based on a monthly usage of 1,000kWh, is slightly lower than the Canadian average of $0.155/kWh.

Natural Factors:

Solar Irradiance: Ontario receives more solar irradiation than most provinces, except for the prairies and Quebec. For instance, a 1kW solar system in Toronto would produce about 1,163 kWh/yr.


Ontario's commitment to solar energy is evident in its policies, incentives, and the growing number of solar installations across the province. As the world moves towards sustainable energy, Ontario is not just keeping pace but setting an example. Whether you're a homeowner considering a shift to solar or an entrepreneur looking to invest in sustainable energy, this guide offers a wealth of information to assist in your decision-making process.

Ready to be a part of Ontario's solar revolution? Get a detailed, personalized cost estimate for your solar installation today.

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